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My name is Jose Lara and I am currently enrolled in the Digital Design Graphics Technology (DDGT) program at Napa Valley College (NVC). I wasn't really sure what to study when I first came to the NVC so I basically just started doing some general ed classes until I stumbled on to the DDGT program. Here is where my interest for 3D modeling and design really started to come out.

I have always prefered more hands on projects then anything else, for me this is how I work and learn about things the best. This program really helped with that by allowing me to work on projects on the computer and actually seeing the results of what I have learned through out the program. By taking DDGT I have gained experiance and knowledge on programs like AutoCAD, Inventor, and Photoshop.

I hope to use this knowledge that I have gained helps to someday get a job in this field of work and continue to learn more new skills.