All members were tasked with Modeling and Animating.  The V-8 Engine was modeled by all members of the group and was the highest priority at the beginning of the project.  Each member would take a sub-assembly of the engine and model it.  Once completed, they would take an additional sub-assembly and this was repeated until the whole engine was completed. 

A master file was created with the assembled V-8 Engine with materials and lighting added.  This file was used as a starting point for all members.  This created a uniform starting point and consistency across all sequences.  The story was broken down into four sequences and each member was responsible for their individual sequence. Each member had to animate and render their specific sequence out.  Some additional tasks were specific to one person while other tasks were accomplished through collaboration. 

Alex Kuykendall

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For this project I was given the role of Project Leader, which means that I organized group meetings and helped anyone with any difficulties that they ran into. File management and organization was also a major role I took on during this project. I was responsible for modeling, assembling, and rigging the 3-Piston Engine, as well as modeling my share of the V-8 Engine. I was assigned the task of assigning materials, rigging, and animating the V-8 Engine using bone structures, wire parameters, and linking in 3ds Max. The section of the video that I am directly responsible for is the scene in which the V-8 Engine articulates as you get to see all the internal moving parts of the engine.


Douglas Bendaña

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My responsibilities in the project included: creation of the original Gantt Chart, modeling my share of the V-8 engine in Inventor, animating the scene where the 3-Piston Engine was crushed by the V-8 Engine using 3ds Max, and I was responsible for some of the video editing in Adobe Premiere.


John Bolla

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I produced the V-8 Engine explosion scene using a script and particle settings for 3ds Max. I built this website using HTML and CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver. I was the Audio Lead and I made the music in the video with GarageBand using Apple Loops. I also had a hand in the video editing where the music came in. I helped the complex and challenging V-8 Engine come together by modeling some of its parts.


Linnea Carr

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I was stand-in team leader when Alex was unavailable, as well as storyboard artist. Along with everyone else, I helped model the initial parts for the V-8 Engine, and designed the desk, engine stand, and fan. All of the modeling was done in Inventor. I created several custom materials in 3ds Max, and was responsible for assigning the materials for the 3-Piston Engine, desk, fan, papers, and helped finalize the materials on the V-8 Engine. I also set up the lighting for the environment, and created the graphics for the website. For the video itself, I animated the introduction of the video, which includes the scene with the fan and papers up to the 3-Piston Engine assembling and landing. I was responsible for most of the video editing, which includes splicing all of the separate sequences together, making the opening and closing credits, and I assisted in finalizing the music cuts.